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It's Cool to Play Chess

Chess is an ancient game, that dates back about 1,500 years ago with roots bearing from the country of India. The first games were actually played with stones. Today, chess is played on the internet, at parks, parties, military bases, churches, libraries, schools, in space, and just about anywhere you can think of playing. All that is required to play a game of chess is a chess board, chess pieces, and an opponent. The game is very similar to checkers, except for the pieces used on the board. Parents may ask if their child should play chess. Kids begin learning the game as early as five years of age. You can start at your local library and check out books on beginning chess play, and learning how to play chess.

If your child plays chess, you already are aware of the benefits that chess possess. There are many books at your local library on the subject of chess. Once you find your child interested in chess, let them be free to explore this cognitive game to their full potential. Your local school chess club can provide them the opportunity to learn more game strategy, while also lending the opportunity to meet new friends who play and love the game of chess.

I hope you find chess exciting and useful as much as I do. Chess is a game that can be played for a lifetime.

Best wishes,

Bobby Hillman
Chess Coach